Sleeping Beauty

The Creators Among Us

There's the moral camp, the ethical camp, the progressive and conservative camps, but somewhere deep inside all of us, lies the practical camp. While it's often easy to comment from afar, what if ...Read more

Flying the Friendly Skies

Stop Whining

Drug of Choice

The Physc Ward

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Eater Beware

Have you ever found yourself watching a cooking show, where it appears to be produced to resemble one long, glorious infomercial of delectable food that you've been dreaming about on and off for month ...Read more

Trust Issues 

It's hard to imagine that once upon a time the medical profession was in full-on experimental mode pushing the boundaries of both their own minimalistic software and hardware. No doubt, 100 years from ...Read more

The Dieter's Dilemma

Vision Quest

Our eyesight is not something we typically think or worry about when we're younger. However, as we get older, most of us, about 75% of Americans, will be wearing glasses or contacts by the time we are ...Read more

My Aching Head


Peer Reviewed Medical Journals


Love It, Hate It, Need It

How imperative is it to have health insurance? To most of us, it’s almost as important as the food we eat or the air we breathe. Perhaps, some would say, that’s because the food we eat and the ...Read more

Hairy Heartburn

Most of us think of heartburn as pain or “burn” around our chest area that is directly involved with our hearts.  That’s only half-correct as the term “heartburn” refers ...Read more

The Tooth Fairy

Medical Innovation

Mosquito Madness

Sometimes we feel them, sometimes we don't. At least not immediately. These are the kind of mosquito bites that can change your life, forever. Is there anything we can do to prevent a dangerous bite?...Read more

The Athlete's Foot

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